Italy Olives You

"There is nowhere in the world quite like Apulia. This region is an unforgettable place with an unique personality formed by its history, landmarks, arts and food scenes. What are you waiting for? We have created for you a special itinerary to discover the flavors of Salento. Come with us to discover all Apulia's beauty!"

France Olives You

Nyons offers nature sun, beauty and heritage. Discover an authentic territory in the colors of vineyards, lavender and olive trees! Let yourself be charmed by the Nyons villages and appreciate the art of living in Provence. Enjoy it!

Greece Olives You

Enjoy the moments of pure libidine with the sea breeze that caresses your skin, the colors of Greece that fill your eyes, the history of the city that enriches your knowledge and the fragrance of the olive trees that accompanies you in the walks. All this you can choose for your well-being with the itinerary Greece Olives you, don't miss it!

Spain Olives You

This is a week tour in Spain, stopping to see the most symbolic places in order to have an holiday full of relax and discovers. Lleida, Tarragona, Barcelona, Girona and Figueres: five cities where you can find the three most important things in life: health, happiness and healthy eating.

Croatia Olives You

What you will love the most will be the wild nature, the immense woods interrupted by valleys cultivated with low vineyards, the largest lands in the inland of the island and smaller ones on the coast, breathtaking views that you can enjoy from the top of the western cliffs Of Korcula ... everything you will enjoy in Croatia will remain in your heart!

From France to Spain

A particular exciting five days tour where you match two different countries: France and Spain. The firsts two days you will be submerged by nature, health and food and the lasts three days you can enjoy culture, history and the art of knowledge.

Mediterranean Olive Week

Mediterranean: a sea full of pearls of well-being. Greece, Italy and Croatia: three places where keywords are "quite" and "relax". In this holiday it is impossible not to feel at home thanks to the semplicity of these places full of love, respect and kindness.

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