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Hotel situated in the beautiful city of Kalamata at Messinia, one of the most beautiful cities in Peloponnese. Overlooking the magnificent Messinian Bay, you can enjoy the numerous and luxurious services, in a wide place of 37.000 square meters, throughout the year. The combination of the earthly colors of nature, with the blue of the sea and the luxury and modern architecture and decor, converts your stay or your visit in a pleasurable experience.

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Ancient Messini (Mavromati) is 30km to the north of Kalamata on the site where the fortified ancient Messini was found. It is amphitheatrically built on the foothills of mount Ithomi. The vegetation one comes across includes olive trees, vines, gardens, orchards, figs, bushes, and prickly pears. A path from Mavrommati will lead you to the top of mount Ithomi.

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It is situated in front of the sea and the see will you leave speachless. In fact, it has a stunning location with the fresher and best quality food you can get in the island. Thalassaki Restaurant is definitely worth a stop for a proper long Greek lunch or dinner and experience.

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The restaurant is a beautiful traditional paradise. It is situated in the heart of Kalamata's historical center, beside an ancient church and the Archaeological Museum . A welcoming atmosphere with many local people gathering to hear local musicians play. In this typical Greek restaurant you can enjoy and taste original Greek dishes.

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The natural beauty of Messinia with the indented shores, sandy beaches, forested mountains and fertile valleys, coexists with significant archaeological monuments. Kalamata, the capital and central port of Messinia, is situated at the site of ancient Farai. Thanks to the exploitation of the fertile Messinian lands (producing olive oil, raisins, figs etc), it developed into a wealthy urban centre and a significant port. The point of reference par excellence in the city of Kalamata is the legendary “castle of Isabeau” where the renowned International Dance Festival takes place annually.

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A village in eastern Messinia, 22 km to the southeast of Kalamata and just 1.5 km away from Kampos of Avia, it is built among olive groves of the region, on a hillside below the castle of Zarnata. Today, Stavropigio with the settlements Lagadia and Malta constitute the local department of the Municipality of Western Mani and the region is mainly based on agriculture and oil production; in fact here, there are a lot of traditional olive oil mill.

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Kardamili is a spectacularly beautiful seaside village located in the Mani, a stunning region in the southern Peloponnese, the coast of Greece defined by travel connoisseurs as the New Côte d'Azur. Set dramatically against a backdrop of crystalline aqua-blue waters, majestic cypress trees, wild olive groves, verdant rolling hills and distant snowcapped mountains, it is one of the prettiest of villages that overlook the calm seas and splendid sunsets of the Messinian Gulf. it remains one of the south Mediterranean's best-kept secrets.

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One of the most important wetlands in Europe, as it constitutes the southernmost migratory station of migratory birds in the Balkans to and from Africa. The Lagoon is located 7 km north of Pylos, between the settlement Yalova and Voidokilia Cove, in an area of ​​6,000 acres. The Gialova lagoon is also known as Divari (from the Latin word vivarium, which means “fish hatchery”). In Yalova lagoon, 254 types of birds such as herons, cormorants, kestrels, seagulls, flamingos, ospreys, imperial eagles and other wading birds find shelter.

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Opened in 2008 with a lot of love and hard work, is situated in Yalova in the beautiful bay of Novarino. The Elia's aim has always been to offer excellent Greek food, made from the finest local wines to accompany and accentuate each dish.

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The Kalamata International Dance Festival has been continuously contributing to Greece’s artistic life for 23 years and it has become an internationally recognized European festival. The Dance Festival is inextricably linked with the city of Kalamata and its cultural life that has bloomed at every level in recent years. The festival has established partnerships with the city’s cultural institutions in order to flourish and show the joint effort for cultural development.The difficulties that the country has faced in recent years have also influenced the Dance Festival. However, the organizers always seek to maintain the high artistic level within their financial capacity.

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