Step #1


It is situated in Nyons and you have to come to discover this unique heritage in France which extends on a floor area of ​​350 m². You will be in touch with two old oil mills of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a soap factory of the eighteenth century (unique to this day in France) as well as an old kitchen of Haute Provence.

Step #2


At the heart of an olive grove, enjoy a wellness area (hammam, jacuzzi, massage duo cabin wellness, tea and relaxation area), beauty treatments (face, body, hair removal) and nail design ( Alessandro). Quintessence and his team will lavish you the best of nature through a wide selection of natural and organic rituals (PHYT'S, EQUATORIA, PLANTS 8 FRAGRANCES).

Step #3


The history of Via Ferrata (literally Iron Way) starts with the first world war. Via Ferrata were constructed in the Dolomites regions to allow easy access for the Italian troops and provided them supremacy for defence and attack.. Over the years, Via Ferrata have been upgraded and new ones constructed for recreational purposes. With a professional guiding you, allowing the average man, woman or child from the street the opportunity to reach higher and further than they ever thought possible. The views are awesome !

Step #4


According to your preferences, from old stones to crafts, the Pays de Nyons will unveil its more beautiful sides.You will discover them step by step by visiting the villages and buildings which are often monumental witnesses of the local history and by exploring the canyons, hills and mountains. Admirers of ancient times, nature and diversity in landscapes will find here a small corner of paradise on earth. Praised by many famous writers, the tradition, the culture and the pleasure of your senses give you Rendez-Vous.

Step #5


It is a magnificent place for a beautiful stay in Drôme Provençale. La Bastide du Vieux Chene is a very beautiful place that combines beauty of old and modern, calm and comfort. The owners, Philippe and Delphine are lovely and very friendly. Their kindness makes you feel at home and have a really enjoyable stay.

Step #6

FESTIVAL “Les Olivades"

This event takes place over three days in summer. This festival honors the olive of Nyons and its products, but also the local fruits, jams, honeys and other products. Each year, the Olivades are accompanied by craft markets and a market of night-time art that give color to the evenings of Nyons. Arts Day Ô Soleil des Olivades allows more than forty painters, sculptors and craftsmento offer visitors an original discovery of atypical creations. In contact with artists and outside the traditional framework of art galleries, the show unveils art, technique, know-how, discovery of young talents, training courses, intimacy of creation.

Step #7


The farm Brès, in Nyons, Drôme Provençale, is a family olive-producing estate since 1829. Its olive groves on the slopes, oriented south / southwest, benefit from an exceptional terroir. They are the fruit of a know-how of six generations, combined with a faith in the olive grown with a scrupulous concern for the environment (organic farming) to produce this table olive so tasty and characteristic that is "l 'Olive of Nyons' variety "tanche". Besides the farm produce you will find a comfortable cottage and a small campsite in the shade of the holm oaks and pines.

Step #8


Located in the centre of Nyons, on the main square, the Institut du Monde de l’Olivier – AFIDOL is the office of the AFIDOL Rhône-Alpes, the French olive interprofession, and its communication department. One of the main jobs of this structure is the promotion and the development of the olive tree and its products (olive, olive oil, olive paste…) locally and nationally. The visitors can enjoy their tour with a tasty and play moment around the tree of savors. A tasting of 5 French PDO olive oils is proposed to each visitor to discover the aromatic diversity and richness of these oils and to learn more about the different cooking uses, from starter to dessert.

Step #9


The VIGNOLIS showroom specialises in sales, tourism and culture of the NYONS area and is a vibrant and active showcase of our beautiful region, the Drôme Provençale.You can also discover in our showroom: The museum of the olive grove, A Gallery, with exhibitions from local artists and all aspects of the region, A Showroom for events and conferences with capacity for 150 people and with an exciting programme of events each month.

Step #10


The path of the olive trees invites you to discover the culture and, above all, the olive tree. In the middle of this nature , your path is punctuated with information panels that will give you some of the secrets of this legendary tree. You will discover different points of view, the old Nyons and the quarter of Olivettes You will be able to prolong your walk by discovering the richness of the Nyonsais heritage, notably: the Church of Saint Vincent, the Place des Arcades, the vestiges of the castle Delphinal.

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