The Project

Rural destinations are a fertile ground for emerging behavioral patterns of tourists, demanding for a large variety of personalized experiences and conveying a growing interest and concern about social and cultural heritage of destinations, contact with nature and meaningful relationships with local community’s traditions and habits. Well-O-live project builds a transnational network linking together private and public actors from seven European countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy and Spain), all committed to develop an innovative model for designing, managing and promoting market-driven thematic products of rural tourism focused on wellness and wellbeing activities across the Routes of Olive Tree. The European olive-based tourism product mixes together education with entertainment, making rural destinations more attractive to discover, live, work and invest in, and fostering the transition of their economies from a traditional pattern to a better managed market approach. The thematic nature of the tourism product is nurtured by the valorisation of the European Routes of the Olive Tree, which also provides an opportunity to create synergies between different kinds of tourism such as: rural tourism, wine and food tourism, wellness and wellbeing tourism, cultural tourism, eco-friendly tourism. Well-olive conveys positive messages within the social dimension, as it develops the main tourism product around the olive oil and tree, traditionally symbol of peace, prosperity and wisdom.

The Activities

The main activities of the project are:

1. Inventory and Mapping of “Olive Oil and Tree” tangible and intangible assets and related tourism services.

2. Organisation of multidisciplinary training laboratories "Experiential Labs" in five countries (Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain) focused on innovative design and management of experiential rural tourism products based on wellness and wellbeing activities, including marketing and communication strategies, through a sustainable approach.

3. Development of at least five ready-to-market experiential tourist packages, including wellness and wellbeing activities, cycling and walking tours, cultural experiential activities, wine and food tasting, all revolving around the olive oil and tree and following the main pattern of the Routes of the Olive Tree.

4. Organisation of Travel Blogger Experiences in five countries. Multimedia contents developed by the bloggers and video-makers participating in the fam trips will be included in the “Crossing Routes – Blogging Europe" platform ( launched by the European Institute of Cultural Routes and presenting stories of bloggers travelling across Europe and experiencing the Council of Europe Cultural Routes.

5. Production of a a shareable and user-friendly Methodological Handbook dealing with product and project management for sustainable tourism.

6. Dissemination and Exploitation of the project results: constitution of a stable, multi-actor transnational network; public events organised or attended by the partners; final conference in Greece; 'Crossing Routes – Blogging Europe’ website;identification of opportunities foreseen by regional, national and European calls, to implement and transfer the project results to new contexts/territories across the Routes of Olive Tree.



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